Izzard’s Rules

Rules are a must. After reading Nondrick’s Non-Adventure blog and inspired by other bloggers and their competitive  rules for in game. I decided that I must make up some for Izzard the Wizard Lizard.

  • Fast travel: Izzard thinks it is absolutely possible especially for an adventuring wizard. If I have to get somewhere why not travel in style. Instantly. Of course I have to discover the place first to know where I am teleporting to, you don’t want to accidently end up in a mammoths arse.
  • Eating: Izzard will eat when hungry, two to three meals a day are for the weak, I think 4 to 5 times a day for a wizard sounds about right. We wizards must keep our strength.
  • Drinking: Izzard loves to drink it allows us to conjure our absolute best ideas. We drink our own brew of alchemy at times however there is nothing more satisfying than casting a fireball under the influence of good strong ale.
  • Sleep: Hmm. Izzard should have a remedy for that. Now where is that energy potion?  As far as experience is concerned the minimal sleep is sometimes requires to gain experience. But the quest for magical knowledge will not dictate whether I sleep or not henceforth potion enhancement.
  • Employment: Izzard’s work is all about magical knowledge. His past with the Corric brothers taught me many skills, hunting, smithing spending the last months of fall cutting enough wood for the keep. Work and adventure will have to suffice my appetite for wage.
  • Making friends: Friends are only for those that allow a wizard to further exploit a way to gain the magical knowledge of another sentient being. However those that deserve true friendship can earn it by gaining my trust.
  • Questing: Izzard loves to adventure especially the type that reveals the mysteries that surround magic. Dusty unopened books revealing magical powers. Artifacts that shed light on a new and even more powerful spell. And loot to sell and trade for even more magical superiority. Questing also provides raw skill to be tested among those who deserve a wizard’s wrath.
  • Living off the Land… Izzard needs a ton of food to maintain his strength. However Izzard must be resourceful in the wilderness. Espiecally for potions which require rare herbs and roots and other ingredients that are fresh. Including parts of insects and animals and other beings. They also provide excellent sources of nourishment.
  • Armor and Weapons: Izzard can only wear light armor… anything heavier will interfere with the whole channeling process. Wizards want to make things go boom not have premature fizzle. However, Izzard was the hunter gatherer. His prefered weapon of choice will be a bow and arrow, he will also use weapons, such as daggers or short swords. He will never use a shield. As Izzard grows in magic he will become more dependent in its use.
  • Sneaking and Lock Picking: Izzard hasn’t found any useful spells for that rusty old locks and the new and improved locks may need another means of finesse, while crawling around in crypts for ingrediants the Corric brothers needed, lock picking had become an essential necessity. The same goes for sneaking, Izzard always finds it to be a necessity espiecally when the Corric brothers were always sending him into places that  locked places to get ingrediants for their magical pleasures.
  • Charity: Izzard isn’t interested in beggars and time wasters. It just doesn’t happen unless of course it points to the way to Izzard’s own self centered ways of magical enlightenment.
  • Magical Training: Will either be bought, trained or self-taught. Magic I must have more magic.
  • Death: A proper wizard always has many ways in defeating a permanent death however this magical way to return to the living world has a high cost to ones’ soul often causing a time paradox as to relive the events prior to the misfortunes of untimely and sometimes gruesome and distasteful ways a wizard could die. However each return to the living world has a toll on the wizard’s soul and when the wizard reaches the third return the soul can no longer maintain itself in the physical realm. So with this magical and most convenient means, Izzard the Wizard Lizard will only have three lives to spare before his moment of oblivion into the netherworld. Note: A glitch death does not count as a true death.

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  1. Ladainian

    The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  2. Henny

    I wanted to spend a minute to thank you for this.

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