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What is this Blog supposed to be?

My brother challenged and inspired me to write a blog about a character that I have been thinking about ever since the announcement of Skyrim. Choosing to do this in a public forum is both exciting and challenging at the same time as this is the first time I shall be attempting this. So…this is the magical journey quest of Izzard the Wizard Lizard. This is Izzard”s magical adventure journal in the land, and game, of Skyrim. Izzard will follow a number of rules while on his journey. These rules will be detailed on The Rules page.

What and/or where is Skyirm?

Skyrim is a video game, its full title is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim is made by BethesdaSoftworks    . The virtual land of Skyrim is the northernmost province of a crumbling empire on the continent of Tamriel which is on the planet Nirn.

What’s the character’s name?

Izzard the Wizard Lizard.

Who and what will Izzard the Wizard Lizard be?

Izzard is a male Argonian. Ever since Izzard was a child, he served the Corric brothers in every meaningful and meaningless task given to him. As the years went by his own lust for magical power grew. When he was of proper age the Corric brothers each began to teach him about the arts. Izzard in his own right is a well rounded Argonian with many skills. However his desire of magical superiority over the arts has consumed his way of thinking. Now that his path is set for him he is seeking to become the most powerful wizard in Skyrim.

How often will the blog be updated?

Hopefully once a week or until Izzard the Wizard Lizard dies or until he completes the main quest with achieving magical superiority over Syrim. Each entry will be about the events of no more than a forty-eight hour period (game time). Due to the complexity in a day of Skyrim, the entries of one day may be posted over two days or more.

2 Responses to Blog Challenge

  1. Stormy

    This piece was coegnt, well-written, and pithy.

  2. Affinity

    I scoured a bunch of sites and this was the best.

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