Under the Keep, Through a Cave and a Path Chosen… (Part One)

Posted by on November 12, 2011

     Even with the dragon wreaking havoc on the fort. I felt my stomach, it grumbled. I was hungry and for some strange reason I wanted to eat. Ralof cut my bindings and told me to search the dead man, I think he said his name but my stomach drowned out it or I just didn’t pay attention to what it was. The man I stripped the armor and weapon from still was bleeding out on the ground, it had a mercury smell to it, fresh and wet. It looked like his opponent had stabbed him with his own blade. The stench of the human was a bit unbearable but I preferred the extra protection instead of the rags I was given to wear. Now I think about it I felt a bit weird having had been stripped down by a bunch of strange men. At least this one was dead, he wouldn’t care at least I didn’t think he would.

"He's Dead. Loot him."

     I searched the room with Ralof for a way out out of the chamber we entered. There were two was out however both exits were locked. We heard men approaching from the west door, we hid out of sight and waited, as soon as they entered I noticed one of them right away. One was that bitch captain that told that other Imperial to put me on the list to get my head chopped off, the other one was obviously a fresh Imperial cadet. Ralof, was a skilled warrior, he pummeled the Captain onto the ground then lunged his blade into the cadet. While the captain was on the ground. I snuck behind the Captain and hit her with a huge iron axe I had taken from Ralof’s friend. She died. That bitch wouldn’t be sending no more innocents to unnecessary deaths. Vengeance had been mine. We searched over their bodies for anything useful. We found a key to a gated door that prevented our escape. The roar of the dragon could be heard as the keep shook again.  

The Bitch is Dead!

     We travelled further down into the belly of the keep and came across a storage room. Ralof encourage me to take some potions and supplies to help aid our journey. I collected what I could. Food had been stored in sacks, I devoured a couple of apples they tasted so good. On the shelves sat some jugs of ripe wine. I popped the cork of one and drank, it tasted wonderful… however the scrunched expression of disbelief Ralof had on his face was priceless. He asked me several times if I were ready to go…each time I would give the room a once more overlook to see if there was anything else we would need however this time when I heard the dragon I knew it was time to move on. Ralof couldn’t wait to get out of there, his proud exterior showed strength but a think the dragon sent a shiver down all our spines. I smiled a bit, I think the ale went straight to my head because the idea of that dragon temporarily slipped my mind while I filled my belly. I laughed on the idea at least on the other hand if I were to die at least it wouldn’t be on an empty stomach.

"Quick no ones looking, raid the kitchen!"

     We continued on… in the distance I thought I heard the faint sound of a man screaming. But the dragon kept roaring and knocking its weight against the keep. Our progress kept getting diverted to another path as if the divine were orchestrating the events unfolding, This was most evident as rock and lumber cracked and fell creating a chain of barriers. We were forced to turn left and we pressed on as it sloped us downward right into a torture chamber. A small skirmish between Imperials and other storm cloaks had been going on for some time. Ralof rushed to their aid. Behind them was a torturer, masked and evil. I was infuriated when the torturer was about to strike at Ralof from the back. I begon to murmur the words of flame, as I stretched my arm out from me, I pointed my hand towards the masked man. Flames shot out…searing the man’s flesh, he screamed and turned, enraged he drew his axe. I then lifted my other hand and spoke the words again and flames engulfed the torturer, amazingly enough I didn’t hit any of my allies. I was able to concentrate my attack and focus on him. I was thrilled. Kronar had taught me well enough that over the course of only seven weeks I was able to recall the spell and inflict horrible damage on a person and be in full control.

"Death by flame."

      I felt a sharp pain in my arm, when I looked, I had been cut by a blade, the wound was deep enough that I needed to close the wound. Fortunately I had paid attention to Mathias’s teachings of healing. I raised my hand and murmured the magic words of healing, at first nothing happened. I looked down at the freshly cut wound, blood was still pouring from it. I concentrated and continued with my chant. When I finally looked again the wound was completely shut. I laughed a bit, I had never used that spell until now. I was again amazed at the fact that I remembered the words told to me months ago.

"It worked."

     I surveyed the room. The presence of evil could be felt, horrible things happened here as I looked around I found my things on a round table. My old knapsack still had its things in it, however the stinky Ol’ blanket was missing from it. I quickly searched in the knapsack and to my surprise it was there. My only true possession left from Corric castle, the Corric spell tome. They must have dismissed the spell tome as just an ordinary book. Not knowing the true value it held, if they had taken the time to examine its properties they would have noticed the magical language written inside it. They would have also saw my journal that I started to make on the blank pages inside this thick book. Surprisingly enough the book itself was humongous and it weighed no more than a stone in weight.

"Only thing missing was my stinky ol' blanket."

     I found some old lock picks in the room. Ralof suggested to look into the cage where the dead mage was. I felt right at home, constantly the Corric brothers were sending me off to a crypt to dig up some dead body or recover some item of interest. I had grown accustomed to using picks to unlock doors and old iron locks to reach my objective. I found a few more lock picks in another part of the room. I always carried a ton of these on me when I went on a treasure hunt. I looked at the lock and quickly made my way in it.

"Easy money."

     I recognized the robes he had been wearing, they were of the same school of magic that Mathias had gone to. Mathias had been probably the gentlest of the three brothers, he had studied the magic art of restoration. When he wasn’t training in the art of alchemy, he was tending to nearby farmers and villagers. He would take care of them healing some major wounds that would have proven fatal to most. He brewed potions that would cure rot foot and make ear wigs loosen themselves out of animals so the farmers didn’t have to lose any unnecessary live stock. The mage had been violently tortured, if he followed the order like Mathias did. He probably was a good man. He probably liked to help those in need, I didn’t want to take anything from this mage however, he had some very important item on him and he wouldn’t be needing those anymore. I remembered what Mathias had told me about the orders robes and hood they possessed magical qualities that would enhance an aspiring mage as myself to harness the arts of magic more proficiently. I valued this man just as I did with Mathias so I quickly took the magic robes, magic hood and the spell tome and gold coins that were on the floor. I imagined the mage offered them in exchange for his life however the torturer had other ideas of payment. The mages life. Don’t worry mage he will never do that again you and the countless others have been avenged. 

"He didn't stand a chance."


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  1. Mimosa

    My problem was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

  2. Mattie

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

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